Building our nation through education, one scholar at a time

A nation's future is only as promising as its next generation of citizens.  Children are the rock on which our future will be built - the leaders of our country for good or ill; which is why the rich potential in each child must be developed into the skills and the knowledge that our society needs to enable it to prosper.'

Nelson Mandela

Education is for life

An investment that cannot be lost, spent or taken away.

A good education gives a young person the tools and skills to confidently seize opportunities that become available to them throughout their lives. However, for many young South Africans, the pathway from the vision of a successful future to the reality of it, is inaccessible due to the financial restraints under which they live.

Who We Are

The Spirit Foundation was established in April 1994 to provide opportunities for quality education to young high school scholars, enabling future generations of South Africans access to the tools needed to meet the demands in the workplaces of tomorrow.

The Spirit Foundation is a registered, non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, offering educational scholarships to financially disadvantaged high school scholars in the Western Cape.